Bedford Virtual Academy Expectations

  • Attend registration and return all required documents to confirm acceptance into BVA.
  • Abide by all Bedford High School rules and expectations per the student handbook.
  • Attend school on count day which is Wed., Oct. 4 and Wed., Feb. 14 from 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM as well as certain content lab days (TBA).
  • Maintain weekly two-way communication with Mrs. Taylor (email, phone, or in person) regarding content within classes.
  • Students driving to school must purchase a parking pass and park in designated student parking lot.
  • Fulfill weekly attendance requirement-Wednesday to Tuesday. (Please note that the minimum attendance requirement will be five hours per week.)
  • Attend school on designated state/district assessment dates.
  • Be in the BVA at the time the tardy bell is ringing. School policy will be enforced regarding tardies.
  • Turn in their device to the designated area as soon as they enter the classroom/before the tardy bell rings.
    • After the final bell rings for a given hour, a student may retrieve their phone.
    • Acceptable times to have phones in student possession:
      • Before a class begins, but not after the bell rings to indicate the start of a class.
      • During homeroom and lunch per the school policy.
    • Daily consequences for failure to comply with expectations:
      • First offense- Documented in Class Dojo point and after school penalty hall
      • Second offense-Documented in Class Dojo point and two after school penalty halls
      • Third offense-Documented in Class Dojo and referral to administrator
NOTE: BVA staff reserves the right to refer any student to BHS administrators for disciplinary action at any time.
  • Attend lunch during assigned time in the designated area.
  • Prepare grade check sheet and attend monthly progress meetings throughout the semester with a parent/guardian and Mrs. Taylor.
  • Be prepared to present their student ID upon entering and exiting the high school.
  • Abide by the rule that upon leaving BHS, students may not return to the BVA room until the next school day.
  • Complete “Check In/Out” google forms to log hours at BHS.
  • Communicate needs with BVA staff as well as implement suggested strategies by BVA staff.
  • Wear headphones only to listen to educational videos and lectures.
  • Open only one platform at a time.
  • Be prepared to provide notes upon request from BVA staff.
  • Complete coursework by maintaining pacing provided before the Monday of semester exam week.
  • Provide a “summary sheet” to be used on test and exams if requested by BVA staff members.
  • Open only one browser when taking designated assessments.
  • Take all tests and semester exams under the supervision of a Bedford staff member.
  • Only use their assigned device for school purposes.
  • Complete google forms throughout semester to provide feedback regarding the BVA.
  • Sign up and utilize required apps to increase opportunity for success within the BVA.
  • Take care of the BVA learning environment.

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